Colourful warm 'Kashmiri shawls' countinue to attract female customers: Report

Colourful warm 'Kashmiri shawls' countinue to attract female customers: Report

ISLAMABAD: With the arrival of winters, there is a surge in demand for warm clothing especially Kashmiri shawls, which are renowned the world over not just for their beauty and finesse but also their impeccable quality, are highly sought after across the country during this season.

A report aired by a private news channel, Kashmiri Shawl is very famous among women all over the world especially in Pakistani ladies.

For customers who are looking to get their hands on finest shawls, their attraction is not just the beautiful intricate hand-woven patterns but also the warmth that these offer.

Shopkeepers selling these stunning shawls say that these shawls are not only warm and soft, but are also easy to carry making these even more desirable.There are several different varieties of Kashmiri shawls with ‘shatosh’ and ‘pashmina’ being the most sought after. These are also a primary source of income of many Kashmiri households where many are skilled in the art of shawl making.

The price of these shawls range from Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 100, 000 depending on the quality of the shawl and the embroidery.

These shawls are prepared from wool of sheep found at high altitude and are transformed into colorful intricate hand-embroidered pieces through the skill of artisans. Not just a source of warmth, these shawls also reflect the beauty and tradition of the region.

I love the black Kashmiri shawl with the embroidery which I received as a Christmas gift said a female Soniya Tabasum.

I have worn it a few times already through the season and everyone loves it."

she added.