WhatsApp launches new feature for users

WhatsApp launches new feature for users

Among the forthcoming practical updates for WhatsApp, the messaging app is set to introduce an enjoyable feature. Soon, users will be able to incorporate their avatars into video calls.

WhatsApp introduced avatars to the application in December of the previous year. Similar to Snapchat's bitmojis, these avatars enable users to express themselves as 3D characters through stickers, profile pictures, and more. Many have already created their avatar characters, with some using them as profile pictures.

In the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android (version, it has been unveiled that these avatars will soon be usable during video calls.It's important to note that using avatars in video calls will not compromise the app's end-to-end encryption, ensuring the security of your calls. However, Meta will utilize some of your data to enhance the avatar experience.

Additionally, WhatsApp is exploring the possibility of enabling avatars for reactions to status updates. The specifics of this feature remain unclear, but it appears to be a step toward embracing the Metaverse trend.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger already offer avatar usage in video calls, so the integration of this feature into WhatsApp would not be surprising. These three messaging apps often share features and updates, and we may even see messaging interoperability across these platforms in the near future.

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