Pakistan may face Indian origin cyber attack threat

Pakistan may face Indian origin cyber attack threat

The Pakistani government has issued a stern warning concerning the utilization of products and services originating from India within the country's industry, fintech, and banking sectors. This advisory underscores the potential hazards associated with the adoption of Indian solutions, emphasizing that it could lead to the compromise of sensitive information and expose these sectors to cyber-attacks and system breaches.

The advisory additionally highlights the global trend of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services across various industries, particularly within the financial and banking sectors, to foster enterprise growth. Surprisingly, it has come to light that Pakistan's fintech sector, along with some banks, has been engaging with Indian-based companies, availing themselves of IT products, cybersecurity solutions, and AI services.

Furthermore, the advisory underscores the perilous nature of utilizing Indian security products and solutions within Pakistan's fintech, banking, and industrial landscape. These imported products may potentially harbor malware capable of not only pilfering critical data but also compromising access control through passive monitoring mechanisms.

In response to these concerns, the Federal Government has taken decisive action, urging federal and provincial ministries, as well as sectoral regulators, to educate their affiliated setups, organizations, and licensees about the inherent risks associated with the adoption of Indian-origin products and solutions in critical sectors. This advisory serves as a clear signal of the government's commitment to safeguarding the nation's digital infrastructure and sensitive information.

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