Pakistan offers mediation in middle eastern conflict: Arab media

Pakistan offers mediation in middle eastern conflict: Arab media

*RIYADH: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have a strong people-to-people relationship and the kingdom has always helped Pakistan.*

In an interview with an Arab channel, the PM said that Saudi Arabia has in the past helped Pakistan when Pakistan has been in need.

The PM, who was on his maiden visit to the kingdom, said that people of the two countries have strong relationship and an emotional connection among them.

Answering a question, the premier said that Muslim countries can’t bear to have more conflicts among them as it weakens them as an international community.

“These conflicts are weakening all of us and Pakistan would like to play a role of putting out these fires, a role of reconciliation,” said Imran Khan .

The PM, who was on a visit to Saudi Arabia, was received by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, at his Palace in Jeddah, where he was presented with a guard of honor and a state banquet was hosted for him and his entourage.

In the meeting, the two leaders discussed bilateral relationship, the regional and global political situation and the issues confronting Muslim Ummah.

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