India forced ACC to change the Asia Cup Schedule

India forced ACC to change the Asia Cup Schedule

DUBAI - Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India has once again shown its influence in the matters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) by getting the already announced Asia Cup schedule changed.

India is playing as a host and as per the new schedule, India will play all of its games in Dubai. An interesting thing is that the ACC has already announced the upcoming fixtures, assuming that India will be the number 1 team in Group A while placing Afghanistan as the Group B topper; if the previous fixture had any meaning at all.

As per the previous schedule, Group A winner was to play Group B runner-up on September 21. However, the latest schedule shows a game between India (Group A winner) and Bangladesh (Group B runner-up) at Dubai.

Now, even if India doesn’t manage to win Group A, it will still play all its matches in Dubai which is beyond understanding. No matter who wins Group B, Bangladesh will play India on September 21. What this means is that there is no relevance of the group standings. India will play the matches as Group A winner and the same goes for Afghanistan.

This also means that Indian team won’t have to travel to play any of its matches even if it reaches the final whie other teams will have to travel to Abu Dhabi and return to Dubai to play India .