Uri attack in IOK was a preplanned drama: Kashmiri leaders

Uri attack in IOK was a preplanned drama: Kashmiri leaders

MIRPUR: (APP) Central Vice Chairman Jammu & Kashmir National Front, Altaf Hussain Wani has termed attack on the Indian Army Brigade Headquarter at Uri as the pre-staged drama authored by the Indian agencies to malign the Kashmiris fast-raising struggle for freedom.

Talking to APP over telephone from Geneva on Monday, Wani, said "since India is under severe criticism by the international community for what its occupational forces were doing for last 73 days, the Indian agencies hatched the drama of Uri attack".

The Kashmiri leader further observed that whenever India feels heat at international level, Its agencies by creating such state-managed acts try to malign and brand Kashmiris freedom struggle as terrorism.

"The pre-planned Uri drama is the continuity what New Delhi did in the past at Chatti Singh Pura in Occupied Kashmir and Pathankote city of Indian Punjab", Wani underlined.

Earlier addressing the 33rd Session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on behalf of International Islamic Federation of Student Organization (IIFSO), Altaf Hussain Wani strongly condemned the recent arrest of the Kashmiri human rights defender, Khurram Parvez by the Indian occupational forces in occupied Srinagar .

Wani also the leader of 8-member Kashmiri delegation from AJK, currently attending the session of the UN Human Rights Council, said that " early yesterday morning, the noted Kashmiri human rights defender, Khurram Parvez was picked up by police and detained at a police station in Srinagar, Indian-occupied Kashmir.

He has been detained, without any legal court order and in violation of his rights to movement, information, and legal counsel.

A day earlier, Indian authorities at New Delhi airport barred him from travel to Geneva to participate in the 33rd session of Human Rights Council.

Wani further said that since July 8 2016, Jammu and Kashmir has been under continuous curfew where more than 80 people have been killed while 11,000 have been injured.

Hundreds of civilians, particularly children, have received eye-injuries through the use of lethal weapons such as pellet shotguns, he added. None of the accused State personnel have been investigated or prosecuted.

The violence in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is State-sponsored and directed. Institutions such as the judiciary have been unable or unwilling to intervene.

The international community must strongly condemn Government of India and ensure protection for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, including human rights activists who work to ensure justice and truth", Wani concluded.

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