Swat Motorway: Flagship project of KPK government

Swat Motorway: Flagship project of KPK government

PESHAWAR: (APP) Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the importance of Swat Motorway in the overall development of the province could not be ignored. He directed the concerned for the fulfillment of all requirements to speed up the pace of progress on the project and complete it within the timeframe.

He was presiding over a meeting to discuss the procedural and codal formalities required for the project.

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The meeting also took for debate the project cost, the provincial government mode of payment, the mechanism for loaning to Frontier Works Organization (FWO), the operational activities , the anti-glare minimizing the chances of accidents, the beautification, the cost, the mode of agreement and the justification for loaning the concessionaire, plantation on the motorway, commercial activities and the high standard of work on the Swat Motorway and made a number of decisions in this regard.

Chief Minister registering his remarks said he would personally monitor the financial and operational activities on the Swat Motorway .

He directed for an independent Auditor and Engineer for the project as per international standard and practice and the NHA practice could be replicated.

The Swat Motorway costing  almost Rs. 40 billion should be completed by the end of 2017, he directed.

He said the Swat motorway was a project of the province being undertaken by his government with its own resources.

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The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) had already geared up its activities to construct the project and maintain the high standard of construction.

He stressed that the project must be completed by the end of 2017. He directed for immediate preparedness by all the line departments to facilitate FWO in the smooth undertaking of the project. He directed to remove all obstacles in the operational phase of the project.

Chief Minister said that Swat Motorway was a flagship project, an 81 KM long with 2 KM tunnel and the construction work took in hands from both ends of the Swat Motorway .

The Chief Minister directed to put all safeguards and safety nets including the anti glare to make Swat motorway safe and minimize the chances of accidents on the Swat Motorway .

The Chief Minister had recently directed to acquire land upto 500 Kanals at each interchange for the allied facilities and commercial activities in the six interchanges of the Swat Motorway .

He had directed for land procurement for future expansion including greenery, beautification, plantation at the interchanges of the projects.



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