Afghan Taliban government yet again raises serious concerns with Pakistan

Afghan Taliban government yet again raises serious concerns with Pakistan

During a four-day visit to Islamabad this week, the Taliban's acting commerce minister, Nooruddin Azizi, engaged in discussions with Pakistani authorities. The talks centered around the repatriation of assets belonging to expelled Afghans, addressing challenges in Afghanistan's stagnant banking sector transactions simultaneously.

This visit by Azizi marked a significant development, representing the first public appearance of a senior Taliban official in Islamabad since Pakistan declared its policy to deport thousands of undocumented Afghans and other foreign citizens after November 1.

The decision to expel individuals was framed as a response to the perceived reluctance of the Taliban-led administration to take action against militants using Afghanistan as a base for attacks in Pakistan.

This diplomatic exchange unfolded just a week after the announcement of Pakistan's expulsion plan. In response, the Taliban asserted that security concerns were within the domestic purview of Islamabad and urged Pakistan to halt deportations.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday night, Azizi shared insights into the negotiations. He emphasized that the primary focus was on trade-related matters, characterizing the discussions as "friendly."

Pakistani officials raised counter-terrorism concerns, to which Azizi reiterated the Taliban's commitment that Afghan territory would not be utilized for hostile activities against other nations.