EU Visa policy rules changed for workers

EU Visa policy rules changed for workers

The European Commission on Tuesday updated its visa policy for workers coming to the continent to work as skilled labourers.

The new agreement reached by the European Parliament and Council will include more flexible entry and exit conditions for the workers, enhanced rights and the possibility to move and work more easily between the EU Member States.

The new scheme, under the revised Blue Card Directive, will introduce efficient rules to attract skilled workers. However, the Member States will be responsible for deciding on the number of persons they admit for labour purposes.

“Today's agreement gives the EU a modern, targeted legal migration scheme that will allow us to respond to skills shortages and make it easier for highly skilled professionals to join our workforce. The EU Blue Card will help sustain economic growth, respond to labour market needs and increase productivity to allow the EU to emerge stronger from this pandemic. This agreement on a key migration file also shows that, by working together, the EU can equip itself with a future-proof migration system”, according to a European Commission official.

As the third wave of the pandemic begins to subside across the continent, the EU looks forward to attracting talent from around the world to put businesses in a better position.

The new changes in the EU visa policy;

To qualify for the new EU worker visa policy, the applicant’s salary threshold must be between 1 to 1.6 times the average gross annual salary.

Under the new rules professionals in the field of information and communication technologies sectors will be accepted. However, people having professional experience equivalent to a higher education qualification will also be able to apply for the visa.

EU Blue Cardholders will be required to complete a test if they want to change their position or employer.

Highly skilled beneficiaries of international protection will be eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card.

The family members of EU Blue Card Holders can also accompany them and access the job market of the EU.

EU Blue Card holders, and their family members, will be able to move to a second Member State based on simplified mobility rules after 12 months of employment in the first Member State.