Hurriyet Leaders warn India of massive agitation on anti-Kashmir policies

Hurriyet Leaders warn India of massive agitation on anti-Kashmir policies

ISLAMABAD, May 19 (APP): Hurriyet Leaders warn India of massive agitation on anti-Kashmir policies


In Indian Held Kashmir, the Chairman of his own Hurriyet forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, has warned that a 2008-like agitation will be launched if government of India went ahead with its plans to build colonies for retired Indian soldiers and Kashmiri Pandits, construction of separate units for non-local labourers and allotment of land to non-Kashmiri industrialists.


Mirwaiz Umar Farooq talking to media men in Islamabad town said that the pro-freedom leadership was mulling a joint strategy to counter the nefarious designs of the Indian government in the territory. These plans and policies were aimed at diluting Kashmir dispute and ending the role of Kashmiris in the whole affair, he added, Kashmir Media Service reported.


"If the authorities fail to clear their policy on these issues, the Hurriyet leaders, civil society, traders and employees will announce and go for a joint mass movement on the pattern of 2008 when attempts were made to sell the Kashmiris' land to Amarnath Shrine Board," the Mirwaiz said.

He said that the pro-freedom camp was not against industrialization.


"We only want that local entrepreneurs and youth be allotted land. Bringing in non-local industrialists and providing shelter to non-locals won't be acceptable to us. We will fight against such policies tooth and nail," he added.


The Mirwaiz appreciated the local media for highlighting issues which are being implemented clandestinely by the occupation authorities. He said that many things were done through back doors about which people did not have any idea.


"Since 1947, different things have been done here secretly. So, had it not been media, nefarious plans would not have come to fore," he said.


Meanwhile, the Kashmir Economic Alliance Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Khan, in a statement in Srinagar said that unending conspiracies were being hatched to allot the land in Kashmir to outsiders and threatened that such developments could drag the territory towards another 2008-like agitation.


He said that each and every unusual development taking place in the PDP-BJP alliance suggested to systematically erode Article 370 and to allot the land to outsiders.


"Right from the plan for the construction of township for migrant Pandits to development of soldier colonies and the industrial policy envisaging allotment of land to non-locals," he said.


He said that in the garb of shelters for labourers from outside the territory, the authorities wanted to permanently settle non state subjects which would not be tolerated.