Mike Pompeo ranks Pakistani Nukes proliferation as a big threat to US National Security

Mike Pompeo ranks Pakistani Nukes proliferation as a big threat to US National Security

WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has put Pakidtan Nuclear assets proliferation as a threat to US National Security.

He has said that there are five big issues that threaten the American security and one of them is proliferation of Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

Counting the five threats the US is facing, while giving an interview to an American radio broadcaster, the US secretary of state said: “It's the threat that we've talked about today from China, the nuclear proliferation risk that extends from Pakistan, through all those folks who have these weapon systems places like North Korea where they can sell these weapons. I think I'm at five already but I could give you a whole list of threats that I think we can effect change on in a way that will really make a difference for the security of the American people.”

He blamed Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists, adding that no other administration but the current administration had taken some action against Pakistan on the issue. He said he personally took terrorism very seriously because he had lost a lot of friends in the war against terror.

“Well we've taken actions … against Pakistan that no other administration has taken. ... We need Pakistan to do more. They have to stop harboring this terror. We saw what happened with India. The conflict that rose there as a result of terrorist that departed from Pakistan. ... They need to stop harboring terrorists.”

Pompeo said the US Administration has learnt a lot from the 9/11 terror attack and put pressure on the Pakistan government to do more.

Commenting on the recent conflict between Pakistan and India, the secretary said it was initiated because of the cross-border terrorism. He emphasised on Pakistan to take further action against such terrorists and stop providing alleged safe havens to them.

Replying to a question regarding the Taliban’s relationship with al-Qaeda and the recent talks with the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan, Pompeo said he cannot say anything definite about the issue. He said the US is working for final resolution of the issue in Afghanistan and trying to take steps for political reconciliation.

Pompeo said that Zalmay Khalilzad went to Doha for talks and returned yesterday, adding that there were some advancement in talks on the issue of Taliban and the Afghan government. He said the US wanted both should talk to each other to resolve the issue.