India’s Virat Kohli gifts Bat to Pakistani Ace bowler Mohammad Amir

KOLKATA : India’s top cricketer Virat Kohli gifted his bat to Pakistani Ace bowler Mohammd Amir in show of love.


Kohli welcomed Amir for his return and handed over his prized bat to Amir during a practice session at Eden Gardens Kolkata .


Kohli said “He is a very skilful bowler and I wish him all the best. He has worked hard to come this far and it takes a lot of courage.”


Recently Shahid Afridi was targeted by media for his controversial statement.


He said “We have always enjoyed playing in India and have been loved by Indian crowds more than crowds back home in Pakistan .”


Pakistan will play its 2nd match against its arch-rival India today at 7 p.m. PST in Kolkata .


The match is very important for both teams especially India who was beaten by New Zealand in their first T20 match.


India team is favourite as Pakistan have never won a World Cup encounter from India in six 50-over matches and four T20 matches.

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