Pakistani products displayed at UN international Bazaar

Pakistani products displayed at UN international Bazaar

UNITED NATIONS: A wide range of Pakistani products, both food and merchandise, were on display “ and for sale“ on Monday at the annual United Nations International Bazaar held under a blazing sun in an open space near one of the entrances of UN Headquarters in New York.

Despite warm temperatures, a large number of people visited the bazaar, which was organized by the UN Women’s Guild (UNWG) in collaboration with permanent missions accredited to the United Nations.

The mega event featured cuisines from around the world as well as fine arts and handicrafts. A new addition this year was a stall titled “One Belt, One Road” set up by the Chinese Mission.

Pakistan had two stalls, one for food and other the main one sold a variety of items, including textiles, apparel, salt lamps and handicraft.

Among the largest stalls with diverse items, both attracted large crowds and the food stall saw such a brisk sale that its items biryani, seek kebabs and samosas were finished more than an hour before the closing time.

The wife of UN secretary-general, Ms. Catarina Vaz Pinto, who is a patron of the Bazaar, visited one of the Pakistani stall offering dresses and other items.

She was greeted by Pakistan UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi. Ms. Pinto praised the quality and sophistication of the Pakistani products and purchased a digital print shawl as well as a salt lamp.

“These occasions are an excellent opportunity for public diplomacy and to showcase our products as well introduce our cuisine to an international audience,” Ambassador Lodhi said while speaking to APP.

“The UN annual bazaar is a truly international event and we were delighted to be part of it and ensure that Pakistan’s presence was felt in such a uniquely cosmopolitan setting,” she added.

Visitors to the UN Bazaar appeared impressed with the Pakistan stall, saying it was among the most well and imaginatively stocked.

Incidentally, Pakistan and India food stalls were next to each other but offering similar yet different cuisine.

The money raised at the bazaar will be donated to meet the needs of the victims of conflicts around the world and to United Nations, Women’s Guild administered projects to help children and women in different countries. - APP