Central Jail Karachi raid reveal startling facts

Central Jail Karachi raid reveal startling facts

KARACHI – The Central Jail Karachi which houses the most dangerous criminals and terrorists of the banned groups has been the hub of the criminal activities for last so many years, reveals the recent raid conducted inside the Jail by Security Forces.

Security forces conducted the biggest crackdown in Central Jail Karachi since the past 25 years in which it was found that prisoners were spending luxurious lives.

Jail inhabitants had all the facilities they needed to be at comfort. They had devices to jail the jammers to use mobile phones. Their jail compartments had all the luxuries including LEDs, CDs, fans, room coolers and UPS.

Moreover, drugs worth Rs.25 lac were seized from the jails. It was revealed the prisoners had created ten of their own kitchens. A group of jail inhabitants had planned to escape by using gas cylinders as explosives.

According to details, as many as 300 phones were seized from prisoners.

The operation was conducted after two dangerous prisoners escaped from the jail. Security agencies became active and planned a thorough search operation to highlight the malpractices in the prison. Amongst the security forces, there were police officials, Federal Corps (FC) and Sindh Rangers.

Sources told a prisoner had Rs.3 lac in cash with him. A number of vehicles were used to transfer these items from the central jail to storage house. It was noted that several highly ranked officers were involved, from Sindh Prisons Inspector General (IG) to jailers. The investigation to find those involved is underway.