Who is Inspector Abid Boxer?

Who is Inspector Abid Boxer?

*LAHORE - Abid Boxer, whose real name is Abid Hussain Qureshi, is wanted in over a dozen cases of murder, attempted murder and land-grabbing.*

In February, the media reported that Abid was arrested in the UAE after a red warrant was issued for him and he was brought back to Pakistan with the help of Interpol. However, the authorities claimed that he has yet to be extradited to Pakistan.

On Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General Syed Zafar Abbas Gilani informed the Lahore High Court that Abid is in Pakistan. The court was hearing an application filed by Abid’s father-in-law seeking protection for his son-in-law.

The authorities have been ordered to present Abid before the court on July 27.

Abid joined the police in 1988 on the sports quota. He was a professional boxer which earned him the moniker of ‘Boxer’.

After joining the police, he soon became infamous for deadly police encounters. It is alleged that he was very close to former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Shairf and has committed many crimes at his behest.

In 2008, he fled the country after several cases of murder, attempted murder, land-grabbing and others were registered against him.

In a video message that surfaced recently, Abid said Shehbaz wanted to buy land from his uncle, however, the price was not what he wanted and this led to bad blood between them.

He said he fled the country after he came to know that he would be killed in a fake encounter. Abid said that false cases were registered against him after he left the country.

“They arrested my uncle on an FIR registered against me and tortured him to death,” he said. Abid said he would soon reveal how innocent people are killed in fake encounters and how their properties are usurped.