Indian CDS General Bipin Rawat comes under fire over issue of deradicalization camps for Kashmiri children

Indian CDS General Bipin Rawat comes under fire over issue of deradicalization camps for Kashmiri children

MIRPUR - Pakistan link Tehreek-e-Insaf, Azad Jammu and Kashmir link, on Saturday expressed grave concern about the recent statement made by Indian link Chief of Defense Staff, Bipin Rawat link wherein he announced that Kashmiri children will be put in concentration centers where they will be de-radicalized.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, the PTI link AJK link General Secretary Raja Musaadiq Khan termed it another cheap trick meant to spread fear among the people of Jammu link and Kashmir.

"This step was on cards since August link 5 when arbitrarily Indian-held Jammu link and Kashmir statehood were downgraded to a union territory and its Article 35-A was revoked to pay the way for the settlement of the non-Kashmiri Indian link into the Held Valley aimed at to change the demographic character of the Muslim link majority disputed State", Khan said.

He feared that these de-radicalization camps might involve confinement of the young link Kashmiri boys and girls.

Mussadaq Khan called upon the international community and particularity UN link Security Council to take immediate notice of this extremely hostile statement of the Indian link general, by categorically taking position on this at the UNHCR link assure Kashmiri people that it won't let this tragedy befall on the Kashmiri populace. "This type of statements further aggravates the already fragile situation, he observed. "Therefore, the UNSC should speak for the people of Kashmir as they are not allowed to speak for themselves. Their all link leaders, intellectuals, lawyers link have been thrown behind the bars", the PTI link AJK link leader said.

Khan reminded the UNSG that General Rawat has a history of using hard-nosed tactics against young link Kashmiris. "He is one who gave an award to a major who had tied a young link Kashmiri man link to an army link jeep link and used him as a human shield against stone-throwers just three years ago.

He also publicly expressed wished to kill innocent people saying that "I wish these people, instead of throwing stones at us, were firing link weapons at us. Then I would have been happy.", the PTI link AJK link leader added.