Lebanese top General vows to fight Israeli aggression

Lebanese top General vows to fight Israeli aggression

BEIRUT - The Lebanese army commander, General Joseph Aoun, said Tuesday that his country is ready to confront any Israeli aggression. The general made the remarks during a meeting with a delegation of Arab and foreign military attachés accredited in Lebanon, as well as representatives of the truce supervision organisation and their aides, led by the head of military attachés, French Colonel Christian Herrou, according to a statement by the Lebanese army.

“We are committed to maintaining stability along the southern border with Israel, in cooperation with international forces in the context of Resolution 1701, and ready to confront any Israeli aggression against Lebanon” Aoun said.

“Last summer we were able to defeat Daesh and al-Nusra Front and we were able to dismantle dozens of terrorist networks and cells, and therefore we were able to protect Lebanon. Despite these achievements, the threat of terrorism remains” he added.

The head of the league of military attachés, Christian Herrou, praised the Lebanese army’s role which “proved its ability to face external and internal threats”.

The French envoy stressed that friendly countries continue to support efforts aimed at preserving unity and stability in Lebanon.