Pakistan-Azerbaijan ties to be strengthened

Pakistan-Azerbaijan ties to be strengthened

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul Sattar Thursday paying tributes to the people of Azerbaijan for their political, economic and social achievements said, they achieved independence in less than two decades and emerged as one of the fast progressing country on the cross road of Europe and Asia.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a seminar on the occasion of 27th anniversary of Black January, a bloody massacre perpetrated against the people in Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan on January 20, 1990 by Soviet troops.

The Embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan organized the seminar in collaboration with Preston University here at the University auditorium.

Among others, Azerbaijan Ambassador Ali Alizada, Vice Chancellor of Preston University Dr. Abdul Basit, Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Khan, Dr. Muhammad Khan and Dr. Adnan Sarwar spoke on the occasion.

Ambassador Abdul Sattar, tracing the historical ties of Pakistan with Azerbaijan said, in seventh century, the message of Islam came to this part of the world through Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran.

The influence of Persian language in the area is also evident from the Persian speaking Central Asian Republics, having roots from the caliphate era.

He said the main reason of taking over Azerbaijan republic by Soviet Union was the vast oil and gas resources.

Pakistan was third country to recognize Republic of Azerbaijan even before the breaking of Soviet Union, he said adding that Turkey was actually a pillar of support and strength for the Republic and Pakistan was among those who followed the pursuit closely.

He said that Pakistan right from the beginning had good relations with the Republic and voiced for the rights of Azerbaijan in different international forums.

After two years of independence, Armenia attacked the Republic, it was Pakistan which raised its voice in the United Nations and called upon Armenia to withdraw its forces.

Abdul Sattar said that Pakistan and Azerbaijan enjoy good brotherly relations at international level as both support the just causes and oppose the unjust acts besides extending mutual relations including high level exchange of delegations.

Paying tributes to Preston University, he said the annual function of Black January was reflection of people to people contact between the two nations.

Vice Chancellor of Preston University, Dr. Abdul Basit payed glowing tributes to the people of Azerbaijan for offering supreme sacrifices for independence and added that they were lucky to get independence in such a short span as the other nations like Kashmiris and Palestinians who have been struggling for independence for the last several decades, failed to achieve their objective so far.