IG Balochistan Police gets emotional before Supreme Court

IG Balochistan Police gets emotional before Supreme Court

QUETTA: Supreme Court of Pakistan heard the Quetta Civil Hospital bomb last case.

During the proceeding, Balochistan Police IG Ahsan Mehboob became emotional. He said he was not consulted while forming the commission. “I was made to stand in the court for eight hours straight and cursed. The judges told me to die of shame.

Is that rightful treatment? Are only judges to be respected? And we [the police] should be cursed?” he said.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim said that he could swear upon God that the commission did not curse the Balochistan Police IG. Addressing the Police IG he said, “Who is responsible for the attack on the police centre?”

The judge added that constructing the wall was the government’s job.

To this Balochistan Police IG Mehboob said, “We had informed the government but they did not adhere to our advice.”

To this Justice Amir Hani said it took you two years to construct a wall. “If every day you had set up 10 bricks, a wall would have been raised.” He added that from the year 2005 till 2017 repeated incidents of terrorism were being reported. “What has been done to fix them?”

The Police IG said that Balochistan was facing multiple political problems. “If rebellion cannot be contained, curfew at Saryab Road will also not end terrorism. Terrorists get more money to attack Balochistan.”