Startling Revelations by arrested facilitator

Startling Revelations by arrested facilitator

KARACHI: Law Enforcement Agencies along with Intelligence Agencies have apprehended the alleged facilitator of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar suicide bomber from the outskirts of Khairpur and he is being interrogated at an undisclosed location.

Sources said the alleged facilitator, during initial interrogation, has revealed that Hafeez Birohi group of Shikarpur is involved in Sehwan Sharif bombing, which claimed lives of more than 88 people including women and children.

According to initial investigation, Hafeez Birohi group, who was previously affiliated to Lashkar-e-Jhangi, has been associated with Daesh now. The same group was also involved in Shikarpur bombings.

The suicide bomber was Afghan national and the suicide vest was also prepared in Shikarpur, the investigation further revealed.

Afghan nationals are prepared for suicide bombings in Pakistan, it added.

Sources said the car used to target ISI headquarters in Sukkur was also prepared in Shikarpur.