President Obama signs tougher sanctions against North Korea

President Obama signs tougher sanctions against North Korea
WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama signed tougher sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear missile test and suspected cyber-hacking incidents.


Obama signed a bill passed by Congress to take measures against North for its controversial nuclear programme.


North Korea recently launched a satellite rocket for earth observation but US and regional countries claimed that it was a missile test.


North Korea is already facing international sanctions for its hydrogen bomb test.


US and Russia claimed that the technology used by North for satellite launch proves North Korea’s ability to launch an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile ICBM.


US and South Korea are negotiating to deploy missile defence system to eliminate the possibility of North’s long range missile launch.


China is a longtime sponsor of Pyongyang and opposes the unilateral sanctions as it will affect the region badly.


The unilateral US sanctions will freeze the assets of companies involved in North Korea’s nuclear programme.