New development reported in Imran Khan Cipher audio leak case

New development reported in Imran Khan Cipher audio leak case

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Lahore on Monday submitted its reply to the court regarding Imran Khan's summons in Cipher Audio Leak Scandal.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) had restricted the FIA from harassing PTI chief Imran Khan and ordered the FIA and other parties to submit their responses at the next hearing on Dec 19.

The FIA submitted a four-page reply saying that the plea of PTI’s chief Imran Khan's plea is inadmissible. "High Court cannot — assume the role of investigator. This could obviously not be done, for the authority to register and investigate a criminal case in law vests in the police and not in court".

FIA in its reply requested the court that Imran Khan should be directed to join the cipher inquiry. It says that the petitioner is deliberately avoiding the process of law by not joining the inquiry proceedings, thus, the conduct of the present petitioner is ultra vires and amounts to halting the lawful enquiry proceedings of FIA. The instant petition, therefore, merits to be dismissed, as the act of Imran Khan tantamount to hampering the administration of criminal justice.

It also requested to dismiss the petition against Imran Khan's summons. It further contended that FIA had sent notice to Imran as per law.

The FIA pleaded to the court it may be clarified that FIA is not relying its enquiry proceedings merely upon the audio recording pointed out by the petitioner. “The inquiry team (JIT) is taking into consideration other aspects of the matter- evidences available on record are also being considered, it adds.

The answer further reads that the matter is of a sensitive nature, so the FIA formed an inquiry committee. “This matter is under the jurisdiction of Islamabad.”