Anti-Islam forces wants sectarian rift in country: Dr Ziaullah, Aug 19, 2020

Anti-Islam forces wants sectarian rift in country: Dr Ziaullah, Aug 19, 2020

ISLAMABAD- Religious scholar Dr Ziaullah Shah Bukhari has said that government should continue efforts against sectarianism and terrorist activities for maintaining peace and stability  across the country.

Addressing a seminar here Wednesday, he urged the government and law enforcement agencies to identify people involved in spreading sectarianism and violence. 

He stressed that religious scholars should play their role in maintaining harmony among sects adding that all school of thought are united with the aim to end extremism, terrorism and sectarian violence from the society.

He said anti-Pakistan forces wanted to create communal violence in the country added that mutual alliance would thwart these plots.

He said Pakistan's defence was in strong hands and the whole nation was proud of Pakistan army which has sacrificed much for maintaining peace.

He said anti-state elements wanted to drive us into civil war, sectarianism, violence and intolerance and remarked that collective efforts were needed to tackle such trick of the enemy.

Dr Ziaullah said, the country has achieved peace with the sacrifices of our security forces and people and whoever tried to destroy such peace will be considered as the enemy of the country and be dealt with ironic hands, he remarked.

He said the month of Muharam al-Haram gave us a vivid lesson of holding cooperation and staying in peace and order.