Why Speaker has filed reference against Justice Khosa

Why Speaker has filed reference against Justice Khosa

The Speaker reference against Justice Khosa is to stop him from becoming the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The reference reads: 

“Such biased and unwarranted findings of the learned Judge against the Honourable Speaker also damaged the Office of the Speaker, respected worldwide…” adds the complaint.

Sadiq’s reference further says that if he continues to be part of the top court, it will be ‘injurious’ to the judicial institution and added that Khosa’s elevation to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) will encourage him even more to make such unwarranted statements.

It also maintained that it was only Khosa who made these accusations against the speaker of national assembly whereas the other judges did not utter a word against him.

“..continuation in office of the learned Judge giving him further opportunity to write such biased, ill-founded and disputed judgements would be highly injurious to the noble image of the sublime institution of the judiciary in Pakistan. 

His elevation as CJP would further encourage him to flout the norms of decency, justice and propriety with impunity and in contempt of the supreme laws of the land,” it reads.