Afghan Taliban message to US on Afghanistan 98th independence day

Afghan Taliban message to US on Afghanistan 98th independence day

The Taliban insurgents group in Afghanistan called on the United States to withdraw the coalition forces as Afghanistan celebrates the 98thanniversary of its independence day.

The group in a statement warned of persistent war and violence with the presence of the foreign forces, claiming that the insurgency led by the group is closer to reclaim the control of the power.

The statement further added that the US-led coalition forces have failed to ensure stability in the country despite using forces and with the deployment of around 150 thousand forces to suppress the group’s insurgency.

The latest claims by the Taliban came as President Donald Trump’s administration is busy to prepare a new strategy for Afghanistan.

President Trump reportedly met with the US officials at the Camp David on Friday to review the new policy presented by his national security advisers.

However, reports indicate that the meeting concluded without reaching to a conclusion regarding the new policy.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has told reporters that “The president is studying and considering his options and will make an announcement to the American people, to our allies and partners, and to the world at the appropriate time.”

Earlier reports indicated that the Trump administration is considering several options for Afghanistan which also includes deployment of further forces as well as outsourcing of the war.