US General fear rise of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan again

KABUL: US General John Nicholson pointed fear rise of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan again.


General John claimed that Taliban are establishing contacts with terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and it would also affect the US plan of troops withdrawal from next year.


He claimed that if Al-Qaeda operates in Afghanistan, it will pose a greater threat to inside and outside the country.


Nicholson said “You see a more overt cooperation between Taliban and these designated terrorist organization.”


“Our concern is that if Taliban were to return, that because of their close relationship with these groups, that they would offer sanctuary to these groups.”


Taliban have boosted their campaign and targeting Afghan forces and civilians since the death of organization founder Mullah Omer.


Nicholson said “When Mullah Omer was alive, he maintained a public distance from AL-Qaeda that his successor Mullah Mansour has not.”


Recently, Taliban also announced to launch ‘spring offensive’ based on large scale attacks, suicide blasts and guerilla warfare attacks at public places and military bases.


Pakistan warned Taliban Either Join Peace Talks or face the music,” after their announcement of ‘spring offensive’