Pervez Khattak hints at alliance with PTI

Pervez Khattak hints at alliance with PTI

Peshawar: Pervez Khattak, the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) parliamentary group, has stated that there is a possibility of forming an alliance with PTI in the event of success in the elections.

According to details, Pervez Khattak met with the American Consul General, and during the meeting, Vice Chairman of the party, Mahmood Khan, Secretary of Information Ziaullah Bangash, and other party leaders were also present.

The PTI parliamentary group officials revealed that Pervez Khattak discussed the national political situation and briefed them on the party's manifesto, constitution, and election slogans. This was the first visit by any American diplomat to the offices of any political party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

On this occasion, Pervez Khattak said that the parties included in the PDM have become unpopular among the public, and PTI's popularity may decline due to improvements in the economic situation.

He stated that in the event of success in the elections, there is a possibility of an alliance with PTI, but it will take time to reduce PTI's popularity in public contacts and gatherings.

They will succeed in diminishing PTI's popularity in the political agenda. During the meeting with Pervez Khattak, the American Consul General said they would provide support in such a way that PTI workers could benefit from it.