PIA air hostess disappearance mystery

PIA air hostess disappearance mystery

LAHORE – An air hostess of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) mysteriously disappeared on Tuesday when a flight carrying passengers landed in Canada.

The PIA spokesperson said that an air hostess named Fareeha Mukhtar boarded the PIA flight PK-789 from Lahore but as soon as it landed in Toronto, the woman disappeared mysteriously and never boarded the return flight.

She was landed at Toronto in Canada on September 6. On September 13, she was to come back again with the passengers in PIA flight but she was mysteriously disappeared.

The PIA spokesperson maintained that a missing report has been lodged with the Canadian police.The PIA submitted eight thousand dollars over hostess disappearance.

The airline has issued a show-cause notice in her name and is planning to initiate a disciplinary action against Fareeha Mukhtar.