Mini Budget by PTI government: Important points

Mini Budget by PTI government: Important points

ISLAMABAD – Finance Minister Asad Umar on Tuesday has presented Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill in National Assembly for the remaining nine months of fiscal year 2018-2019.

On the occasion, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, ministers and lawmakers belonging to various political parties were present. ------------------------------

*Main points of Mini Budget* ------------------------------

Presently budget deficit stands at 7.1 percent.

10 percent increase in pension has been made.

Collection from PDL to be reduced Rs 100 billion.

Non-filer tax rate increased by 0.6 percent from 0.4 percent.

Federal excise duty on 1800 cc increased to 20 percent from 10 percent.

Duty on mobile phones would be increased.

Rs1000 tax shall be imposed on annual incomes ranging between Rs0.4 million to Rs0.8 million.

Card system in health department will be introduced across Pakistan to provide medicine on low prices.

Regulatory duty on raw material used for export industries would be zero to benefit export industries by Rs 5 billion.