'Liver cancer quite common in Pakistan: hepatitis B & C main culprits'

'Liver cancer quite common in Pakistan: hepatitis B & C main culprits'

MULTAN: Though diabetes and hypertension (blood pressure) are more dangerous and silent killers but cancer will be the biggest killer by 2028 across the globe.

Pro VC Nishtar Medical University (NMU), Dr Ahmed Ijaz Masood,who is also NMU head of Oncology department,stated that Liver cancer is very common in Pakistan,and highlighted that Hepatitis B and C are main causes of this type of cancer.

"Back 1992,I used to examine upto two patients of liver cancer daily whereas these days the number has risen to 4 patients everyday", he informed while talking to APP here.

He suggested that ban on tobacco would reduce the number of cases of cancer in Pakistan,adding that govt had banned sale of cigarettes within 500 meters of school radius through a legislation in 2002, but unfortunately the law could not be implemented in true letter and spirit.

To another question, he said that excessive use of broiler chicken was one of the main causes of growing cancer,adding that usage of steroids in controlled sheds for chicken diet made it much more dangerous.

He said breast cancer which women normally had past their 30s has now included young girls as well between 16 to 20 years ages,adding that for the last 4 years this cancer has risen in this age group.

He informed that according to International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 18.1 million new cases of cancer have been predicted worldwide in 2018 despite better preventive measures while 9.6 million patients may die of it this year.

"The most dangerous type is lungs cancer",Dr Masood said, and added that doctors and other departments concerned should focus on this issue in concerted manner.

To yet another question, Dr Ahmaed Ijaz Masood said that mouth and throat cancer is more common in Karachi due to use of paan, gutka etc, while cases of blood cancer were common in South Punjab owing to excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals etc.

Stomach and esophageal cancers were found in areas and countries where meat is consumed in excess,the Pro VC said,adding that skin cancer was more common in Azad Kashmir due to multiple factors.