A movie style bank robbery in Karachi by Bank Guards

A movie style bank robbery in Karachi by Bank Guards

*KARACHI: Private security guards along with their accomplices have committed a movie style robbery in Karachi Bank.*

*Bank security guards in Karachi’s SITE area stole Rs five million from Bank cash vault on Sunday night.*

According to police, at least two security guards along with some of their accomplices broke into the bank late Sunday night and stole at least Rs 5.1 million from its cash vault.

The bank manager, in his statement, told the law enforcement agency that he was informed about the incident by one of his colleagues earlier in the morning upon which he reached the bank and checked the locker, which was found empty.

The CCTV footage shows the two security guards and their accomplices used gas cutter and welding machine to open the locker.

This is not the first incident where security guards have robbed the places they were entrusted for guarding. In one of the biggest robberies of recent years in Karachi, security guards robbed over Rs 12 million last year by looting the cash van of a currency exchange company.