Interest free loans scheme launched by SBP

Interest free loans scheme launched by SBP

Women can now conveniently apply for loans of up to Rs500,000 from the comfort of their homes through an online application, marking a significant step toward enhancing employment opportunities. This initiative was highlighted by Quratul Ain Bilal, Deputy Manager of the State Bank of Pakistan, during an event organized by the Noor Muhammad Ansari Industrial School, Social Welfare Society.

Bilal acknowledged the substantial contributions of women in developed countries to the nation's progress, emphasizing their capabilities across various sectors alongside their male counterparts.

The event featured participants such as Laiba Asif from the State Bank of Pakistan, Momina Anjum, and Fariha Safdar from Habib Bank, as well as Muhammad Arshad Qasmi, the General Secretary of Social Welfare Society, and a significant number of women.

Despite women constituting 48% of the country's population, Bilal pointed out that only a few are currently engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors.

He stressed the importance of women prioritizing their businesses for the nation's development and encouraged them to explore opportunities in the food and household agriculture sectors, emphasizing that such ventures empower women and generate employment opportunities.

Underlining the significance of financial independence, Bilal urged women to open personal bank accounts. Banks have established dedicated desks to facilitate this process, ensuring that women encounter no challenges when opening accounts, even from the comfort of their homes.

He emphasized the importance of skill training, noting that women with expertise can establish home-based beauty parlors and handicraft centers, contributing to both personal growth and the overall economy.

Bilal concluded by affirming that providing easy credit is a top priority for the State Bank, fostering an environment conducive to women's economic empowerment.