Pakistan's top 10 import and export destinations in the world   

Pakistan's top 10 import and export destinations in the world   

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The United States of America remained the top export destination of the Pakistani products during the fiscal year 2015, while China was the top import destination from where goods were traded into the country.

According to the latest study of Pakistan Business Council (PBC), out of the total $22.09 billion exports, the Pakistani exports to America stood at $3.66 billion during FY2015 followed by China wherein Pakistani products worth $1.93 billion were sent during the year.

Pakistani exports to Afghanistan stood at $1.72 billion followed by the exports of $1.57 to United Kingdom (UK), $1.15 billion to Germany, $0.9 billion to United Arab Emirates and $0.78 billion to Spain.

Similarly, the exports to Bangladesh stood at $0.7 billion, Netherlands to $0.67 billion and Italy $0.62 billion, the data revealed.

These were the top ten destinations of Pakistani exports during FY 2015, the data revealed.

On the other hand, China was the toper among the ten source destinations for Pakistani imports during the year.

Out of the total imports of $43.99 billion in FY2015, the imports from China stood at $11.02 billion, the PBC report revealed.

This was followed by United Arab Emirates, wherefrom imports into Pakistan were recorded at $5.73 billion followed by Saudi Arabia with imports of $3.01 billion, Indonesia with $2.04 billion and United States of America with imports of $1.92 billion.

The imports into the country from Japan stood at $1.73 billion followed by imports of $1.71 billion from Kuwait and $1.67 billion from India.

Similarly, the imports from Germany stood at $0.97 billion whereas the imports into the country from Malaysia stood at $0.91billion, the data revealed.

According to the PBC study these were the top ten source destinations of imports for Pakistan during the fiscal year 2015.



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