US General in Afghanistan fears rise in Afghan Taliban power

US General in Afghanistan fears rise in Afghan Taliban power

KABUL (Pajhwok): Taliban-linked violence may escalate following the end of a three-day Eid ceasefire, believes the top US general in Afghanistan. They were keeping an eye on Taliban’s activities following the ceasefire that ended, said Gen. Scott Miller, the US military commander in Afghanistan.

In an interview, the US general said he expected the militant movement to step up violence after the Eid festival. Miller told the BBC: “Ideally, they would continue with the reduced violence because it is something that the Afghan people want.” The commander added; “But the expectation is that they (the Taliban) will pick up violence in the nearer term.”

Gen. Miller opined the insurgents would try to mount pressure on different provincial capitals. He said it was the time for the Afghan security forces to show their strength. Even during their withdrawal from the country, coalition troops were still lending a helping hand to the Afghan security forces, he explained.

The US commander said: “Even as we’re retrograding, we are certainly trying to put them (Afghan forces) in the best possible posture that we are able to. Gen. Miller added the Afghan forces were capable of keeping the Taliban at bay.

“They have to hold,” the general continued. About the US mission in Afghanistan, he claimed there were some victories along the way. “But I think history will judge this and the future will tell the rest of the story.”