Was the Kulbhushan Yadav match fixed in ICJ

Was the Kulbhushan Yadav match fixed in ICJ

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has pointed fingers towards the PM Nawaz Sharif and Sajjan Jindal meeting for the foreign policy debacle Pakistan faced today in the International Court of Justice on Kulbhushan Yadav.

Imran Khan has termed that the match may have been fixed between the Nawaz Sharif and the Sajjan Jindal over the death sentence of the Kulbhushan Yadav.

Earliet PTI leader Asad Umar lashed out at the federal government in the wake of embarrassing International Court of Justice (ICJ)’s order to stay the execution of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.

In a series of tweets after the ICJ’s decision here, Asad Umar alleged that the ICJ’s decision was an outcome of a recent meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal in Murree.

“I guess everyone now knows what one of the things which were discussed between Nawaz
Sharif and his dear friend Sajjan Jindal was,” he said.

Umar regretted Pakistan chose to send a junior lawyer, who was totally unprepared to defend the case. “Pakistan sends a junior lawyer, totally unprepared to defend our case so surprise we don’t get the decision we want,” he tweeted.

“This spineless government is incapable of standing up to India’s aggressive designs against Pakistan.