PAF shows war time superior military operations capability

PAF shows war time superior military operations capability

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter aircrafts on Monday carried out landing and takeoff exercises at various sections of motorway and highway, a statement released by the PAF said.

The fighter aircraft of the PAF carried out readiness exercises to perform take-off and landing sorties.

The PAF exercise was conducted to demonstrate the capability of the air force to sustain high tempo air operations, the statement said.

The PAF fighter aircraft were refuelled and re-armed after landing.

Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed, and senior civil and military officials were present on the occasion.

The PAF spokesman said that the purpose of performing this exercise was not maintain the continuity of PAF’s high tempo air operations.

Pakistan Air Force fighter jets, in February shot down two Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft and struck Indian targets across the Line of Control (LoC) after unprovoked Indian aggression.

The PAF also earlier conducted ‘Highmark’ exercise in September 2016. In the Highmark exercise, Mirage and F-16 planes of the PAF did successful take-offs and landings on various sections of the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M1 and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 amid high tensions with India.

The officials said that the military drill was solely aimed at evaluating Pakistan’s preparedness during atypical circumstances.

They said Highmark exercise – one of the largest and crucial undertakings by the PAF – held every five years after several months of advance preparation.

Earlier, official announcements were made regarding the closure of airspace over the country’s northern belt and the M1 and M2 motorways at multiple points where the PAF military exercise was being conducted.