Marriage with Imran Khan was a big mistake: Reham Khan

Marriage with Imran Khan was a big mistake: Reham Khan

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan said that she committed a mistake to marry with Imran Khan and it was her biggest mistake of life.


As per details, she was addressing the India Today Conclave 2016, about misogyny and how women can become champions of peace . Talking about her divorce from Imran she said that marriage with Imran was a mistake.


Reham added that she likes to wear white shawl over her head because she represents Pakhtun culture of Pakistan. Dignity of women should be respected by every individual of the society because the women are the equal partner of the society. Ex. Wife of Imran Khan stated.


While referring to Salman Khan and his Dabangg movie, she pointed out that she is a woman and looks like a woman while even behave like a women but she is considered Dabangg like Sallu in Pakistan.


It is also worthy to mention here that Reham Khan had been invited by India Today Group in the 15th conference about misogyny . Reham will stay in India for 3 days and she will also visit Kolkata for Indo-Pak cricket match.


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