Afghanistan complains UNSC about border violations from Pakistan side

Afghanistan complains UNSC about border violations from Pakistan side
KABUL: Afghanistan complains UNSC about growing border violence from Pakistan side.


Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to UN Mahmud Saikal claimed that incursion attacks have been raised from Pakistan side which is a violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.


He said “in the last three months alone, we have documented at least 56 instances of violations to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan across the Durand line, breaching article 2(4) of the UN Charter and contrary to UN resolution 2131.”


He urged international community to take action in favour of Afghan government.


He said “All points out to the need for greater engagement by the international community in support of the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan.”


Recently, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai also expressed same remarks about Pakistan.


He claimed that Pakistan military violates Afghan border on daily basis and fire shells to eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces along with the Durand line.


He claimed that Pakistan supported Afghan people in their fight for freedom so Afghan people respect them.


He also claimed that Pakistan is struggling for peace in Afghanistan by holding peace talks with Taliban which is also essential for both the countries.