70 Syrian soldiers killed, wounded in a deadly drone strike by US Military

70 Syrian soldiers killed, wounded in a deadly drone strike by US Military

DAMASCUS – A drone attack by the US-led international coalition killed 40 Syrian soldiers and allies and injured 30 in a desert area south of al-Bukamal, northeastern of Deir Ezzor province, on Monday.

US drones bombed joint military positions of the Syrian army and its associated Iraqi brigades along the Syrian-Iraqi border, the Prensa Latina reported while quoting its sources.

According to the Syrian military officials, Imam Ali Brigades and Righteous Brigades members were killed in the military action, which took place south of Al-Bukamal, about 150 kilometers east of Deir Ezzor.

The mission of these forces was to protect and secure the border between Syria and Iraq and fight the remaining so-called ‘Islamic State’ terrorists in the area.

The government troops reported that the US attack affected the town of Al-Hari, southeast of the border city Bukamal, where several people were killed and injured.

The Syrian government has repeatedly denounced the attacks of the Western Coalition forces, led by the United States, against the civilian population and positions of the army, which killed hundreds of residents and soldiers.

Since September 2014, Pentagon troops illegally entered the territory of this Middle Eastern country, where more than a dozen military bases were established, without the permission of Damascus authorities or the United Nations Security Council.