Power generation of Tarbela Dam reaches 3798 MW, July 18, 2020

Power generation of Tarbela Dam reaches 3798 MW, July 18, 2020

         ISLAMABAD-HARIPUR,Owing to an increase in water inflow Saturday, power generation level of Tarbela Dam has reached 3798 megawatts as 16 hydropower generation units of Tarbela Dam have been working properly.

Tarbela dam power generation level reached its lowest in the beginning of the winter season when the water level of the Tarbaila dam dropped to an almost dead level and the power generation was also declined to about 300 megawatts.

As the temperatures rise during July the snow melting coupled with heavy downpour once again water reservoir increased and also improved power generation.

During last week water storage level of the dam also reached its highest during the current year and the auxiliary spillways were opened to discharge extra water into river Indus.

According to the Tarbela Dam officials, yesterday water inflow in the Tarbail dam was recorded 259200 cusecs while the outflow of the water was 175000 cruces feet.

The maximum water storage capacity of the Tarbaila dam is 1550 feet, at present water level has reached 1455.39 feet and power generation is also approaching its maximum capacity.