Nokia smart phones prices in Pakistan face drastic cut

Nokia smart phones prices in Pakistan face drastic cut

ISLAMABAD - Nokia smart phones prices in Pakistan face drastic cut.

Nokia-branded HMD smartphones have just got a lot cheaper in Pakistan. As part of a major overhaul in prices structure in the new summer sale, HMD has made buying a new Nokia device quite easy.

It is worth mentioning here that the new prices have been released by Advance Telecom, the official distributor of Nokia phones in Pakistan, as reported by *PhoneYear* link. According to their official social media account, Nokia phones are available to purchase from their online store at massive discounts for the users.

Since HMD has started manufacturing Nokia-branded phones link, the company has observed an increase in sales, however, Nokia has lost popularity in public and it has to face tough competition in the market. This is the reason the company is trying another method of reducing smartphone prices to increase sales number.

Here’s a list of some mid-range and flagship — stock Android smartphones of HMD which are getting price cut this summer. *Smartphone Model * *Actual Price * *Summer Sale Price* Nokia 8.1 Rs. 69,900 Rs. 38,300 Nokia 7.1 Rs. 45,900 Rs. 32,540 Nokia 6.1 Plus Rs. 37,800 Rs. 28,800 Nokia 5.1 Plus Rs. 26,900 Rs. 22,900 Nokia 3.2 (2GB RAM + 16GB storage) Rs. 19,499 Rs. 18,300 Nokia 3.1 Plus Rs. 24,950 Rs. 19,900 Nokia 2.2 (3GB RAM + 32GB storage) Rs. 19,999 Rs. 18, 700

Interested consumers can buy a device from Advance Telecom, check the website here link. The discount on prices seem to be for a limited period of time but Advance Telecom has not yet announced the validity of the summer sale.