New development reported on Pakistan Iran tense ties

New development reported on Pakistan Iran tense ties

In a significant development, Pakistan has taken a decisive step by implementing comprehensive monitoring procedures for all flights arriving from the western side, notably including Iran.

The strained relations between Pakistan and Iran are attributed to Iran's incursion into Balochistan, resulting in the unfortunate death of two children.

Insights from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) indicate that air traffic from the western border is now subject to close scrutiny, with all relevant authorities placed on high alert.

According to CAA sources, a directive has been issued to Air Traffic Control (ATC) to meticulously gather details of all incoming flights from the western side, marking a noteworthy instance of such extensive monitoring being put into effect.

Despite the tensions, the airspace over both Pakistan and Iran remains open for commercial flights, and there has been no official directive to close airspace for flights originating from Iran.

This increased surveillance is being implemented against a backdrop of heightened vigilance, underscoring the commitment of Pakistani authorities to ensuring the security and safety of air travel.

In response to Tehran's violation of Pakistan's airspace and strikes in Balochistan, Pakistan took swift action by targeting terrorist hideouts inside the Iranian border.

While taking precautionary measures, Pakistan's decision to keep its airspace open for commercial flights from Iran signifies a commitment to international cooperation and the maintenance of ongoing economic ties.