PTI government reduced sales tax on imported mobile phones

PTI government reduced sales tax on imported mobile phones

ISLAMABAD: The tax department has reduced sales tax on imported mobile phones from Rs1,320 to Rs200 per set.

According to documents available with this scribe, FBR has reduced sales tax from Rs130 to Rs100 on imported mobile phone valuing up to $30 and from Rs1320 to Rs200 on phones valuing up to $100.

“The purpose of chargeability of mobile phones is to promote the digital economy in the country.”

The FBR has also introduced the definition of a ‘greenfield industry’. Under the new definition, the department has “included the lands which were not previously utilized for any commercial, industrial or manufacturing activity and are free from constraints” imposed by any prior work.

It has also included lands which were “built without demolishing, revamping, renovating, upgrading, remodelling or modifying any existing structure, facility or plant”.

However, such property would not be included in the definition that was established in Pakistan prior to commencement of the new business and is not part of an expansion project. Besides, the definition also includes any process or technology that has not earlier been used in Pakistan and is so approved by Engineering Development Board.

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