Indian PM Narendra Modi free advice to Pakistan

Indian PM Narendra Modi free advice to Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a free advice to Pakistan in order to have good relations with India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said Pakistan needed to "walk away from terror" if it wanted to establish agreeable relations with India. Modi was speaking at the inauguration of the second edition of the Raisina Dialogue, an annual conference held in New Delhi. It is considered to be India's flagship conference on geopolitics and geo-economics.

He said if Pakistan wanted dialogue with India, it needed to distance itself from "terror activities". "Those in our neighbours who support violence, hatred and export terror stand isolated and ignored," Modi said.

The Indian premier said he extended an invitation to all members of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), including Pakistan, around the time he assumed office.

"I had also travelled to Lahore but India alone cannot walk the path of peace," the Indian premier added.

Emphasising the importance of security in India's "neighbourhood", he said, "Security of our citizens is of paramount importance but self-interest alone is not in our culture or behaviour.

A thriving well-integrated neighbourhood is my dream," Modi added.