Pakistan to follow UK inspired model for pilots licences

Pakistan to follow UK inspired model for pilots licences

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has, in principle, decided to introduce a new licensing system inspired by the UK model for pilots in order to end the irregularities in the issuance of aviation licenses.

According to an inside source, the CAA has prepared a summary in this regard that will be tabled before the federal cabinet at its next meeting on Tuesday. ------------------------------


The CAA is convinced that the introduction of the new licensing system for the conducting of pilots’ examinations and other processes will improve its reputation and will also make the licenses of Pakistani pilots valid around the world.

The new system will also help to maintain transparency and will assist Pakistan by addressing the concerns of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The CAA intends to link the pilots’ examinations and the licensing system to the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) bio-metric system. ------------------------------

CAA’s talks with the British Civil Aviation Authority for the adoption of the system to ensure global standards and transparency are in the final stages.

The Deputy Director General (DG) Regulatory, Shafi Dar, has had a couple of online sessions via video link with the British authorities and was assured of their complete assistance with the new licensing system.