What happens when a prince interviews a President

What happens when a prince interviews a President

What happens when a prince interviews a president? Well, if this teaser of Britain’s Prince Harry interviewing former US president Barack Obama is anything to go by, the answer is a lot of fun.

On Prince Harry’s request, Barack Obama agreed to star in a guest edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Kensington Palace shared the trailer on Sunday,where Harry can be seen joking with Obama.

In the preview, Obama asks Harry if he has to speak quickly, since he is a slow speaker. “Do I need a British accent?” jokes Obama.

In turn, Harry tells the former president that if he takes long pauses between answers, he will get “the face”.

“Let me see the face”, asks Obama, leading Prince Harry to pull an exaggerated mock-grimace. “I don’t want to see that face,” the former president says.

The trailer also shows Prince Harry saying that while Obama is excited, he is feeling nervous. “I’ll interview you if you want,” says Obama. “Let’s keep it this way, I’d much prefer that,” replies Harry.

Harry and Obama are known for their rapport and their very public exchanges of sassy banter. Who can forget the British royal’s Twitter ‘war’ with the Obamas while promoting the 2015 Invictus Games, which lead to Harry’s by-now-famous ‘mic drop’ moment? Not even the Queen.

Invictus Games is a Paralympic sporting event for injured or sick armed forces personnel, that was found by Prince Harry in 2014.

Harry and Obama hung out at this year’s Invictus Games in Toronto in September, joking, cheering and taking selfies with fans. Social media gushed over the bromance, spinning memes around it.

The full 40-minute interview will air December 27 on England’s BBC Radio 4 Today.