US-Russia soaring ties and future world order

US-Russia soaring ties and future world order

WASHINGTON: The conflict between Russia and US was on peak before the election.US suspension of its all the agreements with Russia since 2000. Russia is becoming a security threat to the Great power US with its improvement in the Nuclear Missiles. With US Russia suspend its R&D nuclear pact. Russia involved in the bombing of Aleppo and Syria which makes the relation of US and Russia at the bad position.


The relation between the Russia and US were at stakes and both of the states are making strategy to low the risk of war. Because according to the Gloomy prediction “War is at door step”.  Over the last 16 years Russia pursuing its defense policy and modernize its armed forces with the help of its charismatic defense minister but potentially NATO is stronger than the Russian armed force.


Under the 9 September deal with Russia commit to delivered humanitarian aid besieged communities. But Russian involvement in Syria breaks the all commitment to sustain the hostilities in Syria. US take a step to suspend its all agreements and military cooperation with Russia since 2000.


The situation in Syria is not the only reason for suspension like the Russian victory over IS and to make better relations with west with a new truth. Russia forced west to get in Syria with him. Moreover, the extreme conditions of rejoining the treaty by Russia and its involvement in the domestic politics of US are also the reasons for suspension.


US support Russia to improve its military armed force. To improve their relations Russia S signed the R&D Nuclear agreement with US. After 2000 Russia was using a defensive policy toward US. Russia invites the west to help him in on countering the IS (Islamic state). But no one take it seriously and Russia lonely get a victory and take over on IS. Russia changed its policy with West with a new Truth. After Russia got involved in the bombing of Aleppo and Syria and after Syria counter strikes Russia forced west to get in. Russia got involved in the 9 September deal with US humanitarian aid. Russia was involved in the killing of 1700 innocent people after that US ceases all the agreements with Russia on humanitarian issues but after that Russia shows its involvement in the domestic politics of US.


On November 8,2016 Donald trump from the republican party win the election against Hillary Clinton from democratic party. From October to till now there are news trending in America and all over the world that Russia is involved in the hacking of RNC, DNC, DCCC and Russia did this to help Donald trump to win. Because Donald trump has very good relation with Vladimir Putin the Russian president.


CIA put allegations on Donald trump that the election was rigged by Russia. Russian interference in the secret and political matters of USA was questionable because US suspend all the agreement with Russia. CIA also stated Donald trump refused to take the daily briefing by CIA officials. There is a question mark on CIA because they still did not provide any evidence against their claim on trump and Russian hacking. CIA itself a foreign policy of USA and the problem is that why trump is not taking daily briefing by CIA?


Trump gives the answer and said that I am a smart person, every single day for next eight years I don’t want to hear the same words. I get it when I need it. Trump denies the CIA report and openly mocked on CIA and said that I think its ridicules and I don’t believe it all.One of US official said that it was just an assessment by the intelligence community that Russia was favoring one candidate the other.


Trump said that CIA give false assessment because of their interest like in George Bush administration Iraq weapon stockpiling, Sadam has WMD was used for the Iraq invasion, terrorist attack and plan hijacking for Cuba invasion, US warship was attacked by north Vietnam forces for Vietnam war. The reason to consider these facts that US official has “Unclean Hand” because they don’t have any moral object to stand out for the foreign interference in America elections and CIA was also engaged against human right activities like bribery, kidnapping, murder, raping, military coup etc.


CIA involvement is also Questionable again because many people asked for the declassification of election intelligence and Russian hacking reports because of the lack of evidence by CIA.


On behalf of Clinton, John.D Padesta demand declassification. Mr.Mccain republican senator said that our secret military information was hacked by Russia and they start another form of warfare. But white house press secretary also denied the Russian hacking and said that counting of votes or electoral process was not hack by the Russia.


The former chief executive of HP Ms. Fiornia meet trump and discussed about the hacking and said that whether it was purported Russian hacking or Chinese hacking. But we talked about the opportunities which are needed to be reset by the elected president.


The federal bureau of investigation whose standards of providing evidence make this case to stand up in the court. CIA analysis was also declined by FBI. FBI said that this was the deductive assessment of FBI because of some reasons. Investigation of the case was also called by the congress leader because CIA still didn’t disclose the assessment publically.


One of the official also said that the judgment was also based upon on a thin reed. John Mccain the republican leader also said that there was doubt in the hacking of campaign by Russia but there was no evidence till that the outcome of the election was affected by the hacking so that is the reason why we call the congressional investigation.


In Guatemala, CIA replaced democratically elected president with the brutal military general by showing his involvement in the elections but the trump decision of the selection of cabinet member were also questionable because of their relations with Russia.


Trump selected retired general which was lastly paid by the Russia’s English language propaganda network as his advisor for the principle foreign policy. The inquiry was also opposed by the incoming trump administration. There is a question on the republican majority that they oppose their republican president or not?


Donald trump select Mr. Trillson as a secretary of the state who is a business man and also have massive deals with Russia for his company. Who is a “world class leader” said by the Mr. Trump. Trump stance about his company that he is not managing his company as a president and not dealing with anyone but under the law he has the right to do it. He is not doing because he doesn’t want to do it. On giving the details about his company he postponed the conference from Monday to Thursday.


Col. Mr. West said about the CIA investigation that there are more important things than hacking. We need a focus of intelligence efforts on Syria which is going to be collapse, horrific nuclear deal of Iran, Russia and china are expanding, Iraq is falling apart. where Putin’s intervened Trump is not the only candidate. Russia shows his intervention like Czech republican campaign received contribution from Russia, Russia attack on democratic institution in Germany and Britain. State owned French nation front lent millions of euro by Russian bank.


Overall the conclusion is that Russia is involved in the hacking of DNC, RNC, DCCC but still CIA didn’t provide any evidence about the hacking and FBI involvement in this case takes it to the court and congress leader also called for the investigation.


China and Russia is expanding and both are USA adversaries but why trump is making good relations with Russia than china and I think that china and Russia together become a serious threat to the American power. So trump is making good relations because he want to make Russia his ally to tackle the china because china growing economy seriously affect the USA and to counter china USA need the south china sea which can’t be acquired independently. Russia was a security threat to US but under Donald Trump administration this threat was removed because of the Donald trump alliances with Russia to tackle china. American administration is focusing on South China Sea. After all these involvement US decision was good to make Russia US ally. Donald trump knows that Russia is security threat to US but also becoming a Global threat after US. Once it takeover on US then no Country is safe. US lose his image of World great power.

Written by: Muhammad Yusaf Khan