Housewife gang raped at gunpoint during dacoity in Lahore

Housewife gang raped at gunpoint during dacoity in Lahore

LAHORE - 32-year-old housewife was gang raped on gunpoint during a house robbery in Lahore .

Incident occupied in Gujjarpura area of the city, early on Thursday.

According to *reports link, t*hree dacoits equipped with automatic weapons forcefully entered a house and held up all the family members at gunpoint. They collected cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth one million rupees.

A police official requesting anonymity claimed that the three to four gunmen locked the children and male members into a room, and started teasing the housewife after which they took the woman to an adjacent room and raped her one by one.

A close relative of the victim revealed to the police that the robbers were present in the house for more than three hours. The police reached the spot when the robbers had escaped.

A police spokesman last night said that Lahore DIG (Operations) Shahzad Akbar visited the crime scene on Thursday afternoon and assured the victim’s family that the police would do their best to nab the criminals.

He said that special raiding teams were also constituted to identify and arrest the criminals. Statements of the victim family were also recorded.

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