Bushra Bibi, first lady of Pakistan gives a message to the nation

Bushra Bibi, first lady of Pakistan gives a message to the nation

LAHORE - The first lady of Pakistan, wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi has left a message for the nation on the eve of Imran Khan becoming 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

She in her first message for the public on Saturday said she was more concerned than happy now that her husband has a huge responsibility to fulfill.

Bushra Bibi said position of power comes and goes but the most important factor of Imran’s victory is the responsibilities he now has.

However, she added, Imran’s goal is to eradicate poverty and bring reforms in the health and education sectors of Pakistan.

Earlier on Saturday, Bushra Bibi attended the oath-taking ceremony of her husband, with her attire becoming the talk of the day.

The first lady was seen clad in white, the colour she is usually seen in, but her gown caught attention with the matching accessories.

Before leaving for Imran’s Bani Gala residence and then during the oath-taking ceremony at the President House, Bushra Bibi was seen in a white abaya of a flowy material.

The attire stood out with the white sandal that peeped through the gown. Her finger and toe nails were painted a matching white, while she wore a jewelled bangle and ring on her right hand.

On the other hand, Imran was seen in a black sherwani at the ceremony.

Bushra Bibi , a faith healer in Pakpattan, and Imran married earlier in the year in Lahore.

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