10 Afghan Daesh supporters arrested from Islamabad

10 Afghan Daesh supporters arrested from Islamabad

In an effort to address the issue of foreign immigrants residing illegally within Islamabad, a task force organized by intelligence agencies has taken action by detaining ten Afghan nationals. These individuals, it has been revealed, were associated with a militant organization known as Daesh and had established their residences in various parts of the federal capital. Notably, the detainees were found in possession of national identity cards (NICs), raising concerns about their unauthorized presence.

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, during a recent press conference held in Islamabad, emphasized the implementation of an effective policy aimed at preventing Afghan nationals from entering Pakistan through illegal means. He clarified that this policy would encompass both undocumented Afghans and those who had resorted to creating counterfeit identities.

The prime minister underscored the government's commitment to repatriating illegal refugees to their home countries, emphasizing the importance of legal channels and visa issuance for those seeking entry into Pakistan.

Further highlighting the government's stance, Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, while presiding over a meeting in Islamabad to assess the progress of the crackdown on illegal activities, reiterated the intention to return all "illegal" Afghan immigrants.

The objective behind this initiative is to combat the smuggling of goods and foreign currency, with the ultimate goal of revitalizing the country's struggling economy. In this context, the government's determination to enforce immigration laws and regulate entry into Pakistan legally remains steadfast.

In conclusion, the recent actions taken by intelligence agencies in Islamabad, coupled with the strong stance articulated by the caretaker prime minister, signal a concerted effort to address the issue of illegal Afghan immigrants in Pakistan and curb associated illegal activities. The emphasis on legal pathways for entry and the repatriation of illegal refugees reflect the government's commitment to maintaining order and security within its borders while promoting lawful immigration practices. The situation remains dynamic, and further developments in this endeavor will be closely monitored